Monday, September 24, 2012


This summer was strange.  There was so much upheaval, I kept telling myself that I would be glad when it was over.  Because, ostensibly, when it was over, all would be settled and right with the world.

Things are settled and right, but now the mornings are cold, and I drag the space heater from room to room with me because I can't figure out how to turn on my heat, and worry every night that Edie is too cold, and now I realize how delicate my balance is.  How I didn't absorb enough summer, because I was hurrying through it, and now, how, how, how will I ever get through winter?

I'm trying not to focus on this; I'm trying to look up at the bright blue New England sky, and the edges of leaves turning bright pinkish red, and remember I still have fall.  But the bottoms of my feet are freezing, and there's no getting around that.


  1. we have a space heater. it's all yours if you want it. i'm pretty sure it oscillates.

  2. I looked out the window at 7pm and saw it was pitch black and felt a panic attack beginning to brew. And i kind of hated this summer. It was TERRIBLE, heat/humidity-wise. So beyond ready for it to be over. And the worst thing was I was hating it while hating winter too, remembering full well how horrible it is. It's a tough situation.

    But you shouldn't have to be cold yet. That's not right. I'm going to go do a dance as an offering to the fall in hopes it will be kind to us this year.

  3. Get some SmartWool socks and some BOGS boots. That's my best advice. You've gone north.