Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mid-September Rally

This September has been gut-check time.  For lots of things.  I say it like it's already decided.

 It's gut check time this September.

I'm just trying to focus my efforts and shake off my new habit of aggressively not doing what's needed.  Thesis, baby, Massachusetts, learning to spell Massachusetts, just basically life as an adult.

My first order of business is to find a routine for Edie and myself that includes more than going to Stop-n-Shop and the library every day.  We're a solid month in and it's time to shake it up.

Next on the list is read The Keepers of the House, which I've been staring at, willing it to read itself.

Then, while we're on the subject of magic elves, stop pretending that this house is going to unpack itself.  The boxes are gone, I just have these pockets of disaster that I'm done ignoring.

Lastly (just kidding), finish all projects.  ever.

Here's to the mid-September rally.