Friday, September 7, 2012

Moving Day, an Extended Cut

Maybe you're like, hey, we've seen Edie's room in photos, is that it?  Do you all just live in that one room?  Like, you and James hunker down on some beanbag chairs for the night and keep your clothes under a loose floorboard?

The answer is no, to all of this.  Though, if we did have a loose floorboard, you can bet your bippy I'd keep something under there.  Like gemstones, or stock certificates, or James's diary.

We're unpacked, as in, there are no more boxes in our apartment, but, not unpacked as in not everything is put away.  Or has a home to be put away in.  We're hanging our art, and trying to decide if we should get a new TV*, and whether to wall mount it, and blah, blah, blah.  Who cares, right?

Me, I care.  I'm a nutcase.  I like things orderly.  Buuuuuuut, I'm also very lazy, so things have stayed unorderly for a while now.  It's a real problem.  Luckily, Edie's room came together fast.  And easy.  Which is good, because she also dislikes disorder**.

*I've been sensitive about our TV ever since Pete looked at it critically and announced that his TV was bigger.  I was hurt, but I covered by saying, curtly, listen, do you want to watch Spongebob or talk about electronics acquisitions?

**This is mostly a guess.  She's never actually said anything about it.

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  1. you're one step ahead with the hanging of art. we hate every picture we have and want to start fresh. also, Edie's belly is killing me.