Thursday, October 4, 2012


Tiny turned one.  I'll spare you the this year has gone so fast business  because, it hasn't.  It's felt like a year.  I think about a year ago, when I was pregnant and waiting, and it feels like a solid space of time between then and now.  I do, admittedly, still see Edie as a baby.  Maybe not a tiny baby, but a little baby.  This may not be empirically true, but, today, a few days past her birthday, what does it matter?  She's still little, unable to walk or talk, occasionally cries when I leave the room, and is happy to ride in my arms as I accomplish daily tasks.  So, until I see the need to call her otherwise, she will remain my tiny, little, one year old baby.

Thanks to Annie and Lizzy for coming to Edie's birthday party.  She didn't say so at the time, but it meant a lot.

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  1. Happy 1st birthday to Edie! That cake looks delicious.