Thursday, October 11, 2012


So, I think I'm afraid of color.  I didn't ever think I was, but I put this shower curtain up the other day and it freaked me out.  I saved the receipt, just in case.

I mentioned that I wanted a gallery wall in our Brooklyn apartment, Tyson told me, good, you need more color in there.

Now in Mass (still can't spell it), I assembled all the pieces for the wall, and was shocked, shocked to see how little color there is.  It's all black and white, very occasional color, and very little.

Ok, it's mostly white.  I've got a preoccupation with it.  In high school, my friend Erin dressed up as me for Halloween, and she wore jeans and a tiny white t-shirt.

Guilty as charged.

So, my new resolution: more color.

In honor of my new resolution, how about these pants*?

Let's make this happen, world.

*we still don't have a mirror, so I'm still doing this.  Also, you can see the colorless pre-gallery wall.

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  1. I have the same problem. My friend Jayne is giving me lessons on color acquisition and usage. It's a struggle, especially in my wardrobe. I'm envying your pants. I'm afraid to leave the oatmeal color palette.