Thursday, October 11, 2012

Peaks Island Valerie

If I lived on an island, let's say Peaks Island, fifteen minutes by ferry from Portland, I think I would live a different life.  I would live a quieter life.  I would garden, of course.  I would often sit in my upper gable and stare thoughtfully at the bay.  I would kayak.  I would kayak quietly, thoughtfully.  I would paint, maybe.  Or at least write thoughtful poems about New England.

I wouldn't move quickly.  I wouldn't even ride quickly.  The posted speed limit is 20mph, and everyone just drives golf carts, which don't go much faster than that anyway.  I would learn to tie sailor's knots, and I would knot my shoes, my kayak, Edie's jumprope, with blood knots, clove hitches, and twined turk's head knots.

I would look better in turtlenecks, and learn to make chowders, and use the expression "down east" without an eye roll.

I would be different.  Peaks Island Valerie.

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