Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Caramel Apples Kind of Day

Today was a weird day.  Like, eating chips and watching New Girl at 9:30 am.  Like, no shower, walking around with a sweatshirt pocket full of chocolate chips kind of weird.  Like, two caramel apples* kind of weird.  Any day where you eat two caramel apples is weird.

After I watched New Girl (but before the apples), I made Edie a smoothie, got us both dressed, and we went for a walk in Winchester.  We were in New York last weekend, and I kind of resolved to be less miserable here.  Miserable is a strong word, and not really accurate, but I can't think of a word between miserable and bleh, so, for the purposes of this post, let's just move on.

Edie and I walked streets we've never walked before, and we meet a woman (with stroller and baby) who just moved here from Sweden a month ago.  I know very little about Sweden, but I do know about moving here, so we chatted (about weather) as we walked for a bit.

Then, when Edie was done with walking streets she'd never before seen, she let me know by fussing and squirming and pulling her sun hat off and throwing it, so I had to retrace my steps for a couple of blocks until I found it, and then we stopped on the town green.  After a while I started chatting with another woman (with toddler), and, after about an hour, we exchanged email addresses and a promise we'd meet to hang out.

So, pretty much, mission accomplished.  I think next I'm going to resolve to find a million dollars.

*a note on the caramel apples.  I made them myself, with apples from apple-picking.  I've had my fair share of caramel apples, and I'm here to tell you, smaller apples are where it's at.  Much better caramel to apple ratio.  Less left-over, plain, un-carameled apple, which no one likes.

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  1. Oh man, good work. Making new friends in a new place: gross. So high five.