Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Three

Then, we went apple picking.  We filmed a little film while we picked, and hit some apples with sticks, and Edie ate her weight in them.  She doesn't have any teeth, so she mostly just squeaked the apple meat across her gums, which is safer anyhow.

I'm basically a rule follower by nature, I really dislike being called out for not obeying the posted rules, but, put me in an apple orchard, and I lose my mind.  I get really surly.  I think it's because on some level I realize that I'm paying someone for the chance to do the work for them.  Like a migrant worker fantasy camp*.  And while it's fun, part of me is like, this is bogus, I'll do what I want.  So I wander where I'm not supposed to.  I eat all the apples I want, no matter what the posted signs urge.  And, when I find a tractor tire swing, yeah, I swing on it.  

So, there was this moment, when Annie and I were on the swing, and we were looking across a valley to a small rise, where the trees were starting to change colors, and it was quiet, and the long drive and lunch at the mall just fell away, and there was only the gentle sound of wind and the squeak of Edie's apple, and a little moment out of time.

And then later, there was apple crisp.

*stolen, shamelessly, from Annie.
**this farm is in New Hampshire, so I couldn't in good conscience, label this post only Boston.  Hence travel.  

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