Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Two

Then, we went to the Aquarium.  I imagine the best part of being a biologist who works at an aquarium are the days that you get to put on the scuba gear and swim with the fish.  It was such a day.

It was also wet and rainy, and the sea looked storm-tossed.  It was pretty great.

The good news is that Edie loved everything, which made the rest of us love everything that much more.  The bad news was the penguins were on vacation.  The good news is that there were vacation videos playing, which Edie enjoyed a lot.  The good news is that we all went out for dinner later that night (except Edie).  The bad news is that I discovered that Ginger Exchange, the only restaurant we really know of, is mediocre at best and has terrible service (boo, Ginger Exchange).  Which leaves us at square one, restaurant-wise.


  1. Seeing you and Annie together makes me want to be 10 years old again. And tell your daughter to keep smiling. Her smile could put a stop to war.

  2. I remember absolutely loving that aquarium - one of the best in the nation. (I lived in Brookline for a year, and have very fond memories of Massachusetts.)