Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Report

Shirt: henley from wherever; Vest: army surplus store in New Hampshire; Pants: blue flat front trousers, red piping added by me; Blaster: blaster, spray-painted black.
Missing: boots, blaster holster

 Dress: made by me and Chelsea; Buns: sock; Belt: shiny ribbon
Crowning achievement: the hood.  it makes it.

Bear Suit: bear suit, from wherever (blue bow tie removed); Hood: built by Rachel (I didn't even realize the brilliance of it until I put it on Edie.  it's . . . amazing.); Stick: just a stick
Stroke of Luck: this costume made itself.  There was nothing I could do to make it better.  I just had to sit back and let Edie be hella cute.

We attended a few parties, took Edie trick-or-treating, and then ate all her candy.  James says this is his favorite costume.

Happy Halloween.


  1. well done nerds....well done. next year, we should be the fellowship of the ring, james can be legolas, andy can be gimili, the babies, naturally, can be the hobbits, and you and I can duke it out to be Gandalf. the loser is Aragorn. Speaking of nerds, Andy and I have spent the last 5 or so Sunday evenings watching one disk of the trilogy. This sunday ends it, second half of Return of the King extended version...its research....for next year.

  2. it's just perfect. i personally like han solo with a hipster vibe and valerie, you put carrie fisher to shame. edie nailed it. she has the cutest little ewokian nose.

  3. fantastic job! though I think it would have worked equally as well if you were Han and James was Leia.

  4. Fantastic! When I finished the hood I was like, "Well, I guess that's it." I'm relieved to see it worked.