Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here's How it Goes, or The End of the Twilight Saga Saga

Day 1: We arrive, James and I a little shell-shocked from the fairly short plane ride with Edie.  As Annie's van pulls up, I reflect that this might be my favorite moment of all BIG TRIPs.  We arrive at Annie's new house, and after a tour, she suggests that James and Ben see Skyfall in order to avoid push-back from them later in the week.  They leave and she and I eat mcdoubles and talk and talk.

Day 2: I don't know, we did stuff and ate stuff and then Edie puked and it gave me and Annie an excuse to leave one of those parties where they try to make you buy stuff and then we went to Target where I bought tiny snickers and Annie got iced animal crackers and then WE WENT TO BREAKING DAWN, part 2 and it was awesome.  No spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it yet (get on the ball, slackers), but it was a very satisfying end to the saga.

1. tickets, purchased by Annie, as per our agreement from BIG TRIP 2009 (thanks, Annie).
2. I drink your blood.
3. We got there early enough we had to wait in line in the lobby.  Like champs.
4. Ready for the beginning.  Of the end (photo credit Annie).

Day 3: Not pictured, because I caught Edie's stomach bug and woke up feeling questionable.  Ate breakfast, and knew by lunch the wind was not blowing my way.  Drank lemonade and managed not to hurl in the H&M at the Crabtree Mall, but waited until Ben pulled the van over on the way home and did a little roadside puking.

This malevolent bug did earn me an afternoon nap, but cost me a date at Cafe Capistrano with my best gal.  Upsetting, but I rallied and we met up with the remaining Howington ladies for showing of BREAKING DAWN, part 2 #2, during which I only threw up once.  Like a champ.

Day 4:  I wake up feeling much better, and we go to the flea market, where we all eat donuts and I drink a giant sprite, and Ben and Annie find holiday sweaters.

1. Annie sports a new bun (sock).
2. James totally burns his mouth on flea market donuts.

Then, guess what, we went bowling.

1. The vending machine where I bought socks (I didn't know we were going).
2. Bowling shoes.  Annie tried to steal hers (just kidding).
3. Three of the balls in rotation are owned by Ben Howington.
4. Form (see above).
5. Best game of her life.
6. Best game of her life.
7. Just happy to be there.
8. For the record, this aggravated by nursemaid's elbow, bowler's wrist, and gamer's thumb.  I wish I were kidding.
9. Snuggles.

How can this last BIG TRIP not be bittersweet?  Things have changed for both of us since we started this noble tradition in 2009, so, we try not to get too tied to tradition (which is a wrench for Annie and myself as fairly habitual people).  We mixed it up and ate new places and one of us puked outside.  But, still, at the start of that first showing, we clasped hands with excitement, Thelma and Louise-style, just as we always do.  We giggle a little at ourselves, but mostly we just hold on really tight.

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  1. fantastic.
    you're a hero around here for going to that second showing. a legend.