Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If Wes Anderson and Jeff Winger Threw a Party

If they did, it might look something like our weekend.  Jeff arrived Wednesday afternoon, and I took James too seriously when he said it was "pretty nice" outside, and walked to the park in cuffed jeans and moccasins.  Edie was more warmly dressed, but we all suffered.

Tyson arrived that evening, and we spent it eating famous roast beef sandwiches and watching Royal Tenenbaums (which Jeff had never seen).

Annie arrived early the next morning looking suspiciously spry, so we cross-country tromped across the fells.    Lunch was goat cheese and brie, and then Chelsea showed up to cook the most delicious turkey in turkey history.  I don't know what she said to that bird, but it worked.  It was a dream.  Everything was: the sweet potatoes which were like a coconut topped custard, the mashed potatoes, the cranberry compote, the brilliantly made crescent rolls (thanks, Annie), and the group-think gravy.  Everything except the stuffing I made--meh.

Even the brief dance break we took for Edie's sake felt festive (we turned out the kitchen light and danced in the glow of the in-oven light).

We planned a salon after dinner, which had a brief pie-delay, and then proceeded as normal.  Annie emceed,  James read from his romance novel, Chelsea sang (and was encored), Tyson played guitar, and Jeff and I read a short play.  It was, in a word, dreamy.

The following day we meet up for lunch at Chelsea's favorite - and now all of our favorite - place in Cambridge.  In a twist of time-luck, Edie slept through most of lunch, so James and I had the most relaxing lunch either of us can remember. 

Then, obviously, Harvard. 

This is Annie rubbing John Harvard's toe, you know, for luck.  

Bringing the BYU-I to Harvard.  Finally.

Not pictured is the largely fictitious tour Chelsea lead us on.

We bought some books from this outdoor bookstore (Bel Canto and Twilight - which I have a non-reading plan for), and finished out afternoon playing candle-pin bowling, which is like a marriage of bowling and skee-ball, and highly unpredictable.  I loved it.

We played games until Annie and Chelsea were bananas with jet-lag.  We sent them home and watched a dozen more episodes of Community.

Saturday Tyson made us french toast with an apple-pear compote that Edie was especially partial to.  It was too cold for Freedom Trailing, so we went to the science museum, apparently thinking we were the only people in the world with that idea.  We weren't.

Annie left too soon, and we ended the day playing more games, eating burritos, and watching more Community and the end of Life Aquatic.

There was also Life of Pi, pumpkin trifle, and lots more food in there.

It was a grand success.  Let's do it all over again, pals.

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