Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Personas

James and I are having guests for Thanksgiving, which is fun and requires some planning.  The planning is required so that things will be fun.  Like, we plan ahead, and then, when people start getting bored, we can act all casual and say, oh, yeah, we have some ideas of fun things to do.

Like that.

On the plan:

Bill and Bob's Famous Roast Beef
Boarder's Cafe
after-Thanksgiving salon
The Freedom Trail
Candlepin Bowling
Blue Ribbon BBq
North End for Italian pastries
Cross-country tromp in the Fells

oh, and Thanksgiving

But, if anyone asks, we're just flying by the seat of our collective pants.

*photo from the Fells, sight of our upcoming cross-country tromp (I'm calling it that because I recently read it described that way in a book, and I was like, perfect).

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