Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yes is More

I grew up, as I think I've mentioned, in Southern California, where, come Christmas, I used to wish it was cold enough to justify a fire in the fireplace.  It rarely was.  It was cold outside, I guess, but, inside, our central heat worked too well.

In Brooklyn, we didn't control the heat, which was pretty annoying, but, come winter, it was almost always warm enough.  Besides that, we only had five windows.  Two in our bedroom, two in the kitchen, one in the bathroom.

Here, we have a zillion windows.  Which is great, but drafty.  So, so drafty.  So, I made some curtains for Edie's room because, you guys, curtains serve an actual purpose, they're not just for looks.  They keep out wintery drafts.  Who knew?

I made up the "pattern" as I went along, which was fine for the first one, but was a real pain when it came to replicating it for the second.  They're a little uneven, but, Edie doesn't seem to even notice.

Thank goodness.