Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Edie, Shopping

Going solo with Edie on major outings isn't something I've totally got down.  Yes, she's almost 16 months old, but as a one car family, I spend most of my days close to home - i.e. places I can get to by stroller-power. So, when I headed out to do 3 errands at 3 different places, I knew I was playing with fire.

We lasted through the mall, where I had to exchange mascara (hey, thanks again for being cool, Sephora), but after playing at the mall playground and "lunch" in the food court, some of us couldn't handle the drive to Old Navy, and some of us fell asleep.  I pressed on, as I had a shirt to return.  I just picked her up, figuring she would wake up or something.

No such luck.  She stayed asleep.  Fast asleep.  And I was weirdly stuck.  I could put her back in the car, but we just had to go to Trader Joe's, and it would be the same sleepy song and dance.  So, I don't know, I just carried her around the store.  I looked around, tried a few things on, and, along the way, the above photos happened.

About twenty minutes later, she finally woke up, and I walked out of O.N. with a baby coat and baby tights, and the most tired arm in the history of arms.

This is a good story because it basically all works out in the end.

This was Friday.  Saturday we headed to an estate sale in Quincy (see here), where James and I had to browse one at a time while Tiny napped in the car.  Then we headed to Somerville's Goodwill, where Edie helped me shop for baby furniture   If anyone is planning on going to Somerville to get the chair Edie is sitting on, I'm afraid you're too late.  I snapped it up for $4.99.

It was also on this Goodwill trip that Edie decided that she's like to start walking.  And she's been going ever since.


  1. She's walking! Well done, Edie! and I am very jealous of your chair.

  2. Edie has a the cutest clothes a baby has ever worn. And how lucky that she is such a deep sleeper! I never could have gotten away with trying on outfits with a sleeping hobo baby on a coat.

    And I, too, am jealous of the chair.

  3. that coat is killing me. and so are those little piggy-tails.
    come visit again.

  4. I can't believe she slept in the changing room. How tempting would it be to just put a sign on the door and run back and forth trying everything on. Or to just leave her in there and then hide and watch people discover her. Ha ha, good joke, right?

    Seriously though, that chair is pretty killer. It's like a tiny grandma-child chair.