Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Tour: Starting Classy

We'll begin the house tour (apartment tour doesn't have quite the same ring to it) with the most natural start: the bathroom.  Remember this post, about how this shower curtain freaked me out?  I've gotten used to it.  Actually, I love it.  I like the color, I like the way the sunlight filters through it, I like that it reminds me of summer.  I'm sold.

What I don't love is black porcelain on the sink.  Good grief.  Anyone considering a bathroom renovation, allow me to offer the following advice: avoid it.

When we moved in, I put the NYC subway map (vintage version) in the frame simply as a place holder, and then I was like, I love it.  Not long after we had some friends from Brooklyn visit, one of whom teased me about my inability to move on.  That is a conversation for another time, but, that notwithstanding, I added a print of Harvard's crew teams to balance it out, geography-wise.

I have two favorite things about this bathroom, and one is the black and white subway tile.  A pipe burst in our Brooklyn apartment, and Tony, the plumber, busted through the floor to get to it.  In the process, he exposed a couple of layers of linoleum and, ta da, subway tile.  There it was, being all awesome, buried away.  I asked Jerry why he covered it up, and he was vague, as he always is, but something about the tiles breaking, and not being able to replace them.  And then I moved from my beloved Brooklyn, and in a cosmic compensation, got the black and white subway tile of my dreams.

My other favorite thing is the placement of the radiator, which is just below the towel bar, so it blows warm, dry air right onto our hanging towels.  So, if you shower at just the right time, you get a towel that feels like it's been tumble-dried in sunshine.


  1. first things first, i love that sweatshirt. something happens to you when you are moving cross country and trying to purge, you get rid of a great deal you will never think about again, and then there will be something you think you don't need, but you will spend the next 7 months looking for wondering why it isn't on top of the most repetatively worn clothing. This sweatshirt is not one of them, though I have fond memories of it, what I am thinking of is a gray t-shirt that I think I got from from Converse via Tyson. anyways, glad to see the sweatshirt is being worn, I still love it. also, naturally, I love your tiles. it is what I would pick for a bathroom if I were renovating one right now. pick up some french linens for me. I want to be obnoxious.