Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Guess We're All Just Looking for a Place in the Sun

1.  Tiny in the sunlight.
2.  Laaaaaaayers.  Those are two (TWO) sweatshirts I'm wearing.  What kind of world is this?
3.  Fundamental destruction.  Do you see those red and gold candies?  That's See's chocolate, and that is where I put my foot down when it comes to baby exploration.
4.  Baby shoe surprise.
5.  Snow feet and baby feet.  I know I look more prepared for snow than Edie, but, really, there wasn't much on the ground.  Also, if Edie wants Sorels, maybe she should learn how to use ebay, like the rest of us.
6.  I pretty much took this photo in celebration of my hair.  This is second day hair, folks.  I slept, got up, worked out, took a shower, and then shook down these tresses.  I wish there was some sort of hair award I could win.
7.  Has everyone seen the new episode of New Girl (Cooler)?  I love/hate New Girl for its wildly uneven quality, but this episode was well, well worth the wait (man alive, that Jake Johnson . . . hubba hubba).
8.  I could probably listen to this song every hour on the hour of every day for a really long time.
9.  I don't know if one is on offer, but if there is an Emmy for best puppet choreography, I think this video should get it.
10.  It's a little long in the beginning, but boy, does it get there in the end.


  1. I also have a love/hate relationship with new girl. But for real, I watched this last episode twice and the kiss 5 times. I love good first kisses on tv and in movies

  2. Serious...Hubba hubba. Yum.

    Also, I wish we were neighbors. You need good, like-minded neighbors when you live in sub-zero temperatures.