Monday, January 28, 2013

The Haves and the Have Nots

You know how when you read Martha Stewart Living, how the editors are always talking about these amazing collections they have?  Depression glass and those skewers they put on the ends of cobs of corn and taxidermy heads.  And they're always claiming to pick up these treasures at mysterious East Coast tag sales for a song?  Well, guess what?  I cracked the code.  I went to an actual tag sale, and did, in fact, pick up these ornaments for a song.

I'm going to keep my eyes out for more, so I can have one of those Christmas trees decorated only in vintage mercury glass ornaments, which I'll pretend is unimpressive.  I'm also going to start looking for other obnoxious things, like antique french linens - the kind everyone is always claiming to find at flea markets . . . in Europe (eye roll).


  1. I didn't know I loved mercury glass ornaments until I read this post.

  2. My mom would be totally impressed to see this, as I am. She finds them at the DI, in the original packaging, but none nearly this amazing.

  3. Nice find! I'm working on my snuffbox collection.