Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Sun on the Hudson

Do you ever look at photos and think to yourself, oh, I was so happy then?

That's what I think when I look at these photos.

It was soon before Shiloh left, and I guess me too.  Or was it?  Now I can't remember.  We'd met up with Elizabeth and Christy, who knows every good place to eat in the city.  And she walked us to the west, west side for the best falafel in the whole world, and then we wandered to the Hudson in the slow late afternoon, and New York was at its most bewitching.

And yeah, I was really happy.

I happened upon these photos while looking for pictures to send our portrait painter.  James and I have commissioned a portrait of ourselves.  Which is the most Scrooge McDuck thing I've ever done.

And it feels great.

So, I'm happy now, too.

thanks to Shiloh for the photos.  miss you, girl.

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