Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I Made

The draw for me about wreath-style crafts: they're fast as can be, and are relatively high visibility for lots of opportunity to see them and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Here, I simply took my gold pinecones from a previous life as a Christmas garland, and was like, you're going to love this new assignment I've got for you.  They were like, we're in, so I attached them to ribbon, which I then knotted and hung on the door.  The most time consuming (and sticky) part was tying ribbon to the pinecone stems.

This satisfies the space of wintertime between wreath-appropriate holidays.  This adornment says, hey, it's unspecifically winter, which is pretty much what I was going for.

Hey, Jen, maybe we could spatter paint pinecones.

Today was about a zillion degrees below zero, so apart from an ill-conceived walk to the library, Edie and I were homebound today.  This is a pretty accurate portrayal of our daily interactions.


  1. I really love the pine cones, and will most likely steal the idea. But I am concerned about how you get your mail, since it is blocking the letter slot.

  2. I will paint-spatter the crap out of that cute thing.