Monday, February 18, 2013

Campus Tour on a Winter's Eve, and other stories

We met some friends in Cambridge this Saturday night, and took Edie on a college tour while we were there.  She seemed comfortable enough; we'll keep it on the short list.

After we met up, Ben remembered that he'd left his second bag in the campus art museum and headed back over to try to jimmy the locks of the now-closed museum.  While we waited, the rest of headed over to Harvard's equivalent of the MC (for anyone who might not be a BYU-I alumni,  you might call it a "student union".  It was warm, and most importantly, open.  It was also packed.  Like, refugee-camp packed.  Everywhere you looked, kids were sprawled out on benches and the floor, all wearing suits and fancy skirts and nylons.  It was weird.  Weirder still was that it took a solid ten minutes for me to be all, wait a minute, what's going on.  It was a forensics tournament.  High school.  And it was awesome.  It felt so convivial.  Everyone was sitting around chatting, wearing sweatshirts over their performance outfits, eating snacks, and reciting their pieces just under their breath.  I just wanted to grab a slice of pizza and sit down on the ground and make a bunch of new friends.

But, instead we headed home and spent the weekend semi-snowed in again because of the mini-blizzard on Sunday.  This time of year is the hardest on me, because I feel like I've put my time in, and now it's time for winter to start wrapping up.  So I check the 5 day weather for signs of spring, and check when Easter is, and look for asparagus in grocery stores.  But, the fact is, it's still solidly winter.  And that's a hard pill to swallow*.

I was telling my woes to Annie today, and she prescribed me a trip to Miami.  And I was like, Annie, you're the best doctor I've ever had.  You just get me.

*speaking of which, because I have (self-diagnosed) seasonal depression, I starting taking (self-prescribed) vitamin D supplements, and, I think they've changed my life.  Two thumbs up.


  1. I'm also self-diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, and my full-spectrum lamp does WONDERS. I sit in front of it for 20 minutes in the morning, and it makes a marked difference in my day!

  2. I have one of those artificial light boxes too. It's awesome.

  3. Edie looks like she's trying to find her Philosophy class.
    Also, I trust you will obey the doctors orders.

  4. I was just thinking this morning as I stared out at the snow (granted, it's only our second sticky snow), "I should get some vitamin D pills. Jesse would scoff." Maybe I'll get some anyway.

  5. this reminds me of an episode of Gilmore Girls. it feels like spring here in Seattle, come here, and we can hop a plane together to hawaii and spend uninterupted time reading magazines and books on a beach while eating a cooler full of grapes and Joe Joes, plus you know how good I look on the beach pregnant, killer right? vitamin D is seattle residents secret weapon, that is why so many people still live here, but really, I think it isn't as bad as people say, it never gets very cold and right now, I am feeling a tad warm with the sun coming through the window (which isn't an everyday thing, but it has been for the past 3 days). I feel like a cat, a big fat lazy cat that wants to be in a bikini with a mouthful of grapes lying in the sand.