Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I've Been Magnetic Since I was a Baby

Jen sent me a list of very important questions.  I like answering questions about myself.  Who doesn't?  And I haven't seen a questionnaire since myspace, and even still, those were softballs.  Jen, on the other hand, knows what to ask.  

My answers are in purple.

1. If someone kindly offers you something you really just do not want, are you the kind of person who

a) accepts graciously 
b) accepts but reluctantly and perhaps trashes the item later :  This is kind of my standard.  Though, I accept graciously.  So, like a combo of a and b.  It happened a lot with our landlord, Jerry, who lived next door.  He was an older gentleman (actually, really old), but he had his act together.  And he cooked a lot.  And he would bring us food.  It wasn't totally my jam, but it was such a kind gesture, and I couldn't bear saying no, thank you.  James usually ate what he brought (mostly pasta, Jerry is Italian), but he would occasionally make pasta with peas, which James did not like, and that usually was accepted with a thank you, and later found its way to the trash.  Throwing it into the trash cans out front would really stress me out, so I was always super careful about closing up all the bags before throwing them in.  
c) flat-out refuses, in a trying-to-be-friendly way, but you really stand your ground, potentially making things quite awkward. But in my defense, they kept pressing and no means no, man!  I hate it when people don't take no for an answer.  Like, come on, dude, I know you have to pass out those flyers, but just throw mine in a trash can for me.  Geeze.

2. People are often told they look like a famous person. Who's someone you've been told you look like?  Brittany Murphy.  I think before she got really skinny.  Wah wah.

3. What sense would you lose if you had to lose one?  This is terrible.  None of them.  I guess maybe hearing.  No, I love the sound of a soda can being opened.  And an orchestra warming up.  Um, touch?  Maybe.  Never smell.  It's like my secret power.
4. Are you a fight or flight kind of person? Give an example.  Interesting you ask.  Normally I would say flight, because, as you know, I'm no fool.  But, once, James heard a fight going on on 4th Ave.  Between a girl and a guy.  We ran downstairs, and I saw this guy standing over the girl, who was on the ground.  And I just sprinted toward them, yelling for him to leave her alone.  Okay, the end of this story is that I called 911 (of course, I'm New York's #1 concerned citizen), but, it turns out that they were both super drunk, and relatively harmless. and I got the feeling this kind of thing had happened to them a lot.  And, in a faintly disappointing turn of events, the guy was standing over the girl asking where his glasses were, as she had pulled them off his face and thrown them in the street.  So, it turned out not to be the emergency I thought it was, but, really, that's for the best for all involved.

5. What are one or more foods that you used to hate but now absolutely love?  Avocado.  I love them.  Though I still don't like guacamole.  I think it's the texture.  

6. What's a food you used to love but now hate?  I think hate might be kind of a strong word, but Cheetos.  I know, I love them, but I hate them.  They're the fast train to "I feel like I want to die" land.  Like, movie popcorn-bad.  Yeah, I can't eat them.

7. If you had to name your child one of these names, which would you pick?
    a. Gertrude - Trudy's kind of cute
    b. Hilda - I don't think so
    c. Bathsheba - think of the possible nicknames
    d. Chastity - yikes

8. What's your dream job? Like, if you lived in an alternate universe.  For me, an astronaut, or a world class cellist.  Yeah, a doctor.  Or a world class violinist.  We could go on tour together.

9. What's a movie you daydream of being the star of?  Thursday Next.  It hasn't been made yet.  It's waiting for me, I can feel it.

10.  If a T-Rex suddenly appeared in your neighborhood, where would you hide?  Basement.  Those guys can't go down stairs.  They're not cats.

11. What's one of your favorite things/lines/paragraphs ever written?  yes, you have to go find it for me. It's a poem by Yusef Komunyakaa about Vietnam.  It's called Thanks, the line is, "Again, thanks for the dud / hand grenade tossed at my feet  / outside Chu Lai.  I'm still / falling through its silence."

12.  What's one great lesson (as in huge. It can be great too, though) you've learned since becoming a mother?  Ugh.  I don't know.  I think I spend a large part of my day kind of putting Edie off.  Like, trying to get her interested in something else besides me for 2 seconds.  I mean, it's hard to engage all day.  Or even some of the day.  It's tired, and frankly, boring.  But, it will occur to me - daily - that I have a limited period of time where I can have her attention whenever I choose it.  Like, all I have to do is look at her and she'll be engaged with me.  And, give me a break, I was a teenager, I know that won't last.  So, I remind myself all the time.  And it's still hard to be totally engaged when she's just inching her way onto the couch, and there's Entertainment Weekly just right there, just wanting to be read, but, I remind myself, and I try harder.
13. You have mint chocolate chip ice cream and fudge brownie ice cream. Which do you choose after dinner?   Fudge brownie.  I would rather just have a brownie, but if I must choose.

14. What are you currently watching on Netflix? or the last thing you watched.  Can you give me a quote from it or something noteworthy?  Community.  Always.  I just watched the video game episode, where they all become avatars in a 30 year old game.  Annie kills the blacksmith, and Shirley kills the wife when she comes to investigate.  Shirley says to Annie, "No witnesses!  No witnesses!  Don't look at me like that.  These are your loose ends, I'm just tying them up for you."

15. What's a secret about you that nobody knows?   I think everyone knows my secrets before I do.

Want to answer these questions?  Do.  Leave a comment and link your answers.  Let's get to know each other for reals.

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