Tuesday, February 19, 2013

James Kills Thrift

Here's the facts: James is great at thrift store shopping.  I chalk it up to many years of practice.  And, also, just going in with an idea.  And he's good at seeing potential.  He's got vision.

All in all, it makes up a good thrift store cocktail.  I get really excited about thrift store shopping up until the moment I walk in.  Then I'm like, this place looks kind of dirty, forget it.  James just rubs his little hands together and gets started.  This jacket he got last week at a Salvation Army in New Hampshire (the same Salvation Army where I saw a spider on a table full of kids clothes, but, for this story, that's neither here nor there).

This jacket his part of his Kirk Devane series, his favorite character from my second favorite show about New Englanders, Newhart (1982-1990).

My hope is that, by the time we leave, we will be completely indistinguishable from the cast of that show.

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