Thursday, February 21, 2013

Medici Curse

My mom has this recipe for spaghetti sauce that I really like.  It takes a little time to simmer, but it's not hard to make.  However, I'm always loath to make it, because it usually portends grim tidings.

Example #1: It's 2000something, and James and I are living in Rexburg.  I make the sauce in the morning for use later that night.  I also take, like, 8 advil on an empty stomach (an accident, not a cry for help), and then have the worst 24 hours ever.  James and I are doing The Importance of Being Earnest, and I spend the whole of rehearsal that night curled in a ball on a settee, unable/unwilling to move.

Example #2:  It's 2000something else, and we're in Brooklyn.  I make the sauce on a grey afternoon, and it splatters onto my arm.  I wipe it off and as I do the skin rolls down like a window shade and I have a quarter sized burn just above my wrist.  It's painful, and lasts for a while.  In bright sunlight (or Rachel's bathroom) you can still see the mark.

Example #3:  It's 2013, yesterday, in fact, and I make the sauce in the morning.  Edie woke up grouchy and is not lightening up.  She skimps on breakfast, and starts to feel fevered.  She naps for a long time, and wakes up super hot to the touch.  I try giving her lunch, which she won't eat.  I give her a bite of ice cream, and she throws up alllllllllllll over me.  It is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.  She throws up three times, and I don't even move.  I just stand there until she's finished, and then sort of half laugh/half sob for a while.

The photos above are pre-throw-up, the photos below are post.  After the vomit incident, I took off all of our clothes and put her in the bath.  Her temperature was 103.5.  I don't totally trust my thermometer  but it was still very unnerving.  I sat on the rug next to the bath and sang her songs while I poured water over her back.  She didn't play or splash, she just sat there, staring at me as I sang.  That, too, was unnerving, and very sad, so I pulled her out, put her diaper on, and snuggled her in my bed for the rest of the afternoon.

It was a hard day, but also a very sweet one.  At one point, I was leaning over her, putting her diaper on.  When I tried to stand up I found her hot little hand clutching the neck of my sweatshirt.  That's when I tucked us both into bed.  I brought my computer and we watched a movie about a polar bear named Knut, and she just lay still, enfolded in my arms.

For worried parties, her fever went down by the evening, after ibprophen and application of cool washcloths (as prescribed by Dr. Silvia).  She did not sleep well last night (and neither did anyone else, for that matter), but her fever was almost completely gone this morning.  She still seems a little listless and tired, and isn't eating well, but is drinking and seems to be on the mend.

*carrie, this reminds me a lot of your story about georgia.  I chalk it up to the universality of babies and mothers.


  1. You are such a *BEAUTIFUL* Mom. Thanks for the story of your day, I miss so much being at least a little part of it. I send all my LOVE. Let us know if you need any more meds from here. Mom/Penni/Grandma

  2. Oh, the things we do as mothers. The pictures are so sweet. What I wouldn't do for a cuddle in bed with kids and a movie.

    Two weeks ago when Aidan was sick (which NEVER happens)he was watching something on my phone and I warned him not to chuck up on it. Luckily I was sitting across from when I saw him heave. With one hand I deftly caught the vomit, while with the other I quickly whisked the iPhone to safety...then I changed the bedding and clothes for the second time in under an hour. Sigh.

  3. Oh, poor poor poor sick baby and poor poor poor Mom. This post broke my heart a lot, but I love the idea of cuddling together all afternoon and providing that comfort. Our daughter has never been sick before either, so I am nervous for the first time I have to watch her feel so crummy. I hope mine is as willing to cuddle when the time comes!

  4. the puking/fever combo platter is pretty much the worst. the snuggle time is rad though.

    Alice had a similar situation not too long ago--high fever for a few days--and she would just fall asleep all over the house. I found her everywhere. Like going to the kitchen for a snack was exhausting, so she'd pass out on the playroom floor. Sad and adorable.

  5. So weird, you just described how I spent the last four days! But no sleep and half a bottle of ibuprofen later I have a fully active 2-year old, (who is now addicted to t.v.)

  6. Right? I'm sure if you talked to any mother in the universe they would describe the pitiful adorablebess of little sick babies. I bet in some languages, there is even a word for it.

  7. This story is breaking my heart. Sick babies and moms being puked on are two things that really get to me.

    Also, true story about my bathroom. You could see actual scar tissue cells under that light.

  8. Daniel is sick for the first time now. His little hoarse voice is just about the saddest thing. Although I think he kinda likes it. He'll just make these long husky sounds and look at me.

    You and Edie are pretty adorable.

  9. I love this post, mostly the half laugh/half sob part, it sounds so familiar. They are so sweet when sick, but its so sad. Puke is the worst, you have balls for snuggling her in your bed of all places after a puking event. I snuggle mine on a plastic sheet with a beach towel on top of it on the floor somewhere. yes, I am neurotic. I love these pictures by the way. The ones of you and Edie together and quite beautiful. I want to squeeze edie, perferably when she is no longer puking.

  10. also, stop making that sauce, I think you should take it as a sign...seriously, also, i need that recipe for that banana cake with the frosting, lets face it, its the frosting recipe I really want, the brown sugary stuff, it might be my birthday cake, OR it might be my pre birthday cake OR even my post birthday cake. Which ever way it goes, it is sure to make an appearance in my mouth in March, assuming you deliver the goods. Deliver them. Pregnant woman needs brown sugar frosting. (Sorry, that was my second chin talking, she is very rude and always hungry for sugary delights)