Monday, February 4, 2013

The Laziest Weekend on Record?

There's a question mark in the title because I'm not sure.  Is there a record for laziest weekend?  It seems like if it was actually that lazy, the person living it wouldn't get around to picking up the phone to call the laziness governing body.  So, I guess we'll never know.

I will say that I put jeans on both weekend days.  I will also say that after wearing skinny jeans for a long time, bootcut jeans feel like sweats.  I'm sold.

I will also say that, as much as I like to, you know, "leave the house" on weekends, I get a helluvalot done when I don't.  Among the things I accomplished: baby rocking chair work, thesis writing, goat cheese eating, and wearing that shirt you see pictured above on Saturday, sleeping in it, and then wearing it after church on Sunday.

Mission accomplished.

*these photos depict Edie's favorite pastime, which is sitting in her chair, holding a book in her lap, and very seriously reading it aloud.  It's pretty much the best thing in the universe.

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  1. The last two pictures are fantastic. It looks like she didn't understand a word, and then was completely content with her new word acquisition. Also, that chair is to die for.