Monday, February 11, 2013

What I (re)Made

I pulled off the ruffle and pried loose a few staples to see what I was dealing with.  It was just the stuffing under the fabric, not a cushion, and I didn't fancy re-stuffing the seat, so I vacuumed the seat, wiped down the wood, and threw the top cushion into the washing machine, where it promptly exploded.

I roughly estimated the size of the seat cover and used hot glue to fasten it down, all while watching the documentary Head Games.  I had the foresight to measure the old cushion before its demise, so I remade it, attaching ribbons to secure it to the back.

Edie loves getting in and out of it.  We currently have it in the living room, and every now and then she'll catch a glimpse of herself sitting on it in the mirror, which she finds crazy funny.  Which we, of course, find likewise hilarious 

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