Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Babies Who Need Baby Stuff; or, What We Need for Our Baby

I don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out what this blog is.  I just kind of let it be.  That being said, I think we can all agree that, whatever you would call it, "useful" isn't the first word that comes to mind.

Well, friends, that ends today.  Because today is the day that reading this blog really starts to pay off.  For some of you, at least.  The rest of you, hey, take a cookie break, on me.

Babies who need Baby Stuff

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I needed when I had Edie.  I got a fairly comprehensive list from a friend, but, even still, it's hard.  Because it's really personal.  Specific to person and baby and locale and income.  So, these are the items that now, with Edie at 18 months, have been in heavy rotation for a while.  They work for me, and, who knows, maybe they can for you, too.

1.  The Pacimals Huggable Pacifier.  We're partial to the duck (who is "officially" named Dallas the Duck, which is so stupid I won't even dignify it with a response.  In our house, he is called Lucky Duck).  The thing about his guy is that long before babies have the motor functions to pick up an actual pacifier, when they're still using their hands like oversize mittens, they can grab onto this guy.  We fashioned him only as sleeping pal, and he is appropriately cuddly and functional.  The pacifier comes off so you can wash him.

2.  The Soothie pacifier.  I love that it's super straightforward.  No bells and whistles   It's a pacifier, it looks functional, and it works like a charm.

3.  Sleepsack.  I received this as a gift from an anonymous giver.  It just arrived, from amazon, on my door one day while I was pregnant.  And I was like, um, thanks? because I had no idea what it was.  As it turns out, it's the best thing ever.  It's a wearable blanket, which is great in cooler climates/drafty apartments. I worry a lot about temperature, and this helps to alleviate that a bit, because Edie can't kick it off/suffocate herself with it.  Also, on every one, "back is best" is embroidered on the shoulder, just as a pushy reminder.

4.  Dohm Sound Machine.  Full disclosure, I just got this a week ago, but, so far, it's a hit.  Edie's sleeping longer, more soundly, and I no longer have to barricade her door with a huge fan as a sound buffer in our small apartment.  The sound is adjustable (though just slightly), and doesn't make her room cold like running a fan would.  I pretty much love it.  And it's small, so it doesn't have a huge footprint in her room, and even if I have to tote it around a bit (which I might), it would fit into my purse.

5.  Squeezey Food.  What did people do before this?  I can't imagine anyone putting a jar of baby food in their purse.  And a spoon?  No way.  No one walks around with spoons in their purses.  That's crazy.  This brand (happy tot) is fine, but, really any will do.  Target has a good selection of store brand options, and even the name brand packets are often on sale.  Shiloh coined this term, and any packet of food that can be squeezed fits the bill.  They're crazy portable, and really, kind of the first food that Edie successfully ate by herself.
Don't be drawn in by the reusable containers.  The point of these is their convenience.  Cut yourself some slack; save the homemade baby food for home.

6.  Wesenjak Slippers.  Edie has a pair of these and wears them every single day.  It's New England, and our floors are bare wood, and everyone needs slippers.  These stay on her feet like magic, and are pretty cute to boot.  Even in places that aren't Boston-cold, these are warmer and less slippery than just socks.  The ever-wise Natalie at Diminutive Review directed me to them.

7.  Bass Brush.  I think this is the link to the correct brush.  Edie's looks a little different and I bought mine at my local drugstore in Brooklyn, and didn't pay too much attention to the label.  I was too busy rubbing the soft bristles on my cheek.  This is a perfect soft brush for baby hair, it's small, and is nice enough that I care what happens to it, and consequently have kept track of it, even through a move.

8.  Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser (and bags).  My pal, Jen, gave this to me just after Edie was born with a note that they would make changing diapers at church a pleasure.  And, she was right.  Even if you're not a church-goer, how about a hotel lobby? a tiny Greek restaurant that doesn't have a changing table? really just anywhere where you might have to put a dirty diaper in your purse for any length of time until you find a trash can?  The bags are lightly, and very pleasantly scented, and the dispenser can also serve as diversion while you change a diaper.  So, multipurpose.  I keep mine in my diaper pouch, and it's come in handy a zillion times.  They sell this at Target, where you can also buy bag refills.

Happy shopping.


  1. Amen and preach on. We love the sleep sack. We love them so much that my mom made me two that are toddler sized with long sleeves that could fit a 2-3 year old.

  2. Um....get out of my head....I just bought that exact sleep noise machine like a week ago too. We refer to our upstairs neighbors as "ol' stompy feet" and I wish that nickname gave full weight to what it sounds like when they merely walk across the floor at 3 in the morning, but it doesn't. Luckily though, this drowns out the stomps so Pete and Gus sleep soundly and Pete has stopped waking up terrified at the noises above his head. We might have to get one for our room too. The stompy's that sleep in the room above us snore AND WE CAN HEAR IT CLEAR AS DAY! Either, the insulation sucks, or they are snore yelling.

  3. I love these kinds of lists. Even if they wouldn't work for us I like reading about what other people find useful.
    Also, I found out that they sell "disposable diaper sacks" like the arm and hammer ones at THE DOLLAR STORE. $1 for 75 bags. Which, I mean really, should go a long way.

  4. SHOUT-OUT! fun stuff. :) I bought a new pack of those disposable bags and then the kid potty trained. I still can't bring myself to get rid of them. I guess i could give them away but is that gross? what if I need them someday?? for something. somehow.

  5. I am really good at judging people who buy things for their 'future children'. I had friends in my teens in Laie who already had receiving blankets packed away. I have never bought anything for some abstract future child o'mine. GROSS! That's how I have always felt, always. That is how I felt until innocently following ducky's link to Amazon. There were only 19 left! What was a girl to do?? This is a big day, Valerie, the end of an era... babies babies babies...

  6. Stacy, you know where it's at.

    Shiloh, amazing. We could switch amazon accounts, and I doubt we'd even notice.

    Carrie, thanks for the heads up. Also, I also like these kinds of lists. I heart minutia.

    Jen, keep them. You will use them. Old sandwich? Put it in a bag. You need those.

    Amber, I agree, and yet, you will not regret this purchase.

  7. Valerie, I love to re-find your blog every once in a while and see what you're up to. Looks like you're having fun in Boston despite the cold weather. Guess what, that sleep sack was from me:) Sorry, I did a really bad job at telling you--but better late than never. I'm so glad you liked it!