Friday, March 29, 2013

Boston Burger Company; or, Burgers in Boston

James and I like to have a healthy roster of restaurants for any place that we live.  This is, I believe, fairly normal.  No one wants to have pals come into town and not have any idea where to take them.  I mean, you can't order Dominos forever.

In this spirit, we set out to start our search for the best burger in Boston.  We began, successfully, at the Boston Burger Company.

I order the Bee Sting, pictured above, which was fantastic.  Great toppings, but, most importantly, a good burger.  Well seasoned and not too dry (notice how I avoided the use of the icky word moist?  you're welcome).  But, the real star of the meal was James's choice*, the Vermonster, which came with maple mayo and a caramelized apple chutney.    

Upon entering, the place seemed too large to be truly hip, and empty as a empty cookie jar, which is a terrible sign.  But, while we ate, the place filled up, and while a touch too corporate feeling, you can't argue with free refills.  You can't argue with that at all.  And, though we didn't have Edie with us that time, it wasn't too small and crowded to squeeze in a high chair.  Just for next time.

Two thumbs up.

(across the street)

*james is a fun person to eat out with.  he's a brave orderer, often ordering the most interesting thing on the menu; the one you're interested in, but wary to try.  

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