Friday, March 1, 2013


There are certain things I need to get me through the day:

Ideally, a run.
Also ideally, a shower.
A nap from Edie
Lunch, ideally with coke zero, but we're working on that
A new episode of Community
Jeans.  Stretchy pants as day wear is bad for my moral.  I have to notice a change when I put on pajamas.
Something interesting in the mail.  Ideally.
A mission accomplished.

On a happy note, here's what I don't need: Facebook.  I took a month off, and I noticed a difference.  I didn't, like, write a novel (or my thesis) in my spare time or anything, and I checked Pinterest a ton more, but, that doesn't quite have the time-suck capabilities of facebook, so I went to bed earlier, I closed my computer more; it was liberating.  I mean, I went back today, and checked my messages and did some general checking around, but, then I navigated away.  It was great.  Three cheers for self-control and Facebook-Free February.

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