Sunday, March 31, 2013

Newport in March

No one likes to go sightseeing when it's freezing, but, also, no one likes to just not do anything for eight months out of the year, either.  The time had come, and we headed out to Newport, Rhode Island.

We hit up the Brick Alley Pub, home of award winning chowder, which, was, admittedly  pretty good.  We're still getting the hang of restaurants with Edie, so mostly she just hung out and dribbled chocolate milk down her shirt.

Then we headed to the mansions.  Late 1800s barons and assorted millionaires built summer homes in Newport, many of which are now owned by a preservation society and open to the public.  We toured the Vanderbilt home, The Breakers.

Have I ever mentioned that it's my dream to live in a house that has a name, as well as an address.  Ideally, one that has a name instead of an address.

This (pictured below) is the back part of the house, and that is the sea beyond it.  Hence "The Breakers".  If you lived in a house like this, I don't see that you'd have any choice other than to throw only Great Gatsby-inspired parties.  How could you not?

There were no photos allowed inside the house. but it was opulent.  Too opulent.  Overwhelmingly so.  The parts I liked best were the families bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen (which our apartment could have easily fit into) and the butler's pantry.  We have one of those too, but ours doesn't have a safe for locking up our silver.  It's a little different.


  1. Several things:

    1. That picture of Edie at a restaurant makes it look like she spends a lot of time having intellectual debates while lounging in restaurants.

    2. For years I lived in a house on College Avenue that we called "The Hawmps" because we liked the idea of living someplace with a name. We christened our house after a movie we read about on a Balderdash card, and to this day only one of us from the original house has seen the movie.

    3. I didn't realize how big those gates were until the picture of James and Edie standing in front of them.

    4. I was going to make a Gatsby reference but you beat me to it.

  2. 1. She is.
    2. Come to think of it, me too. I lived in Cedar Heights. Even still, I'm not crossing living in a named house off my list.
    3. They're gigantic.
    4. gotcha