Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Old Man Winter Hates Valerie Best

Weather is weather, right?  You try not to take it too personally.  But, this, this is too much.  The 19th of MARCH is tooooooooooooo late for a snowstorm.

I just have this feeling that winter has it out for me.

But, it's actually fine, because James has a snow day from work, and I woke up in a hobgoblin mood, and days like this are perfect for really enjoying a foul mood.

There are no photos of the snow.  I won't dignify it with photography.  These are photos of Edie on a happier day.


  1. New England and winter have made a deal to break you, which as we both know, when it comes to the cold, isn't very hard. Or maybe the NE is mad about the hurricane still and wants to pick on the little guy, which sadly, is usually you in the winter. Also, SHE is so blasted cute I just want to squeeze her til her eyes bug out....bring her to me.

  2. Shiloh, have no choice but to do exactly as you say.