Tuesday, March 5, 2013


1. Edie in thought.
2. Plants and pears.
3. Baby feet.
4. Maps
5. Who else is over winter?
6. Mostly me.
7. Whenever I make these, I always think, "berry studded", which has got to be a phrase I've read in a book somewhere.  Probably Anne of Green Gables.  It sounds like something she'd say.
8. Is it just me?  Sometimes I like to capture life as it really is.  I mean, whatever, my photos aren't super styled, but generally try to catch a good angle.  But sometimes I like to just capture a moment as it really is.  This is our table, a couple of weeks ago (I know, because that's an old EW).  Magazine, James's script with notes (mine), address book, glass, pincushion, etc.


I have these moments, every few years, where something will happen, usually illness, usually stomach flu, that knocks me out for a few days, or a week, or a month, and while I'm on the slow, careful journey toward feeling like myself, certain things suddenly become clear.

Such is the case this week.  How my time is spent becomes a big issue, thankfully.  Who doesn't need a reset on that.  I'm not saying I'll never stay up late again watching re-runs of Project Runway, but I am saying I'm thinking more about where my time goes, which is good.

What I'm working on this week:

Thesis, thesis, thesis.  I'm striving to complete this before saying that I'm "working on my thesis" goes from making me feel like I sound interesting to making me feel embarrassed that I'm still saying it.  I got a new book this week, but I'm writing too.  A lot.  (this is kind of a note to myself)

Notes on a friend's book.  She was nice enough to ask for my opinion, which I love, because it makes my lifetime of critical reading feel like a life well spent.

Feeling like myself again.  I'm on the slow, careful journey.


  1. were you sick? that stinks. I'd forgotten about those pictures. With the three of us. that turned out to be mostly you. I feel like every night i swear that tomorrow i'm going to use my time and my day better.

  2. Loved this post. Loved your pictures. It inspires me to look around my own life a little more carefully, too.

    Also, those muffins look killa-dilla.

  3. is there really still that much snow there? I mean, seriously? Seriously???