Saturday, March 16, 2013

Whenever a Tattoo Window Closes . . .

1. And I thought my impulsive tattoo window had closed.
2. War memorial in front of Winchester's town hall.
3. I walked by this house on the most perfect day.  It was 50+ degrees.  It was the best day of my life.
4. Car litter.
5. Riverside edition.
6. Pippi.
7. Tell me about it.

These days I'm busy.  Busy making mint fudge, watching Edie making fast conceptual connections, and reading, reading, reading for my thesis.

I'm also eating mint fudge, watching Charlie and Lola with Edie, and freaking out about how much I haven't yet read for my thesis.

So, it's a mixed bag.


  1. did you get that tat to cover the butterfly? buy that house, who cares how much it costs, better yet, just become a squatter and claim it as your own, but be a classy squatter, like take care of the lawn and such. Also, I am glad you found a 50 degree day, they are so full of hope.

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