Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home Tour: Kitchen

Straight up, this kitchen is the biggest, nicest, and most dishwasher equipped I have ever been in charge of.  Cooking isn't what you might call "important" to me, but, it is a lot more pleasant in a kitchen with more than 1 sq foot of counter space.

You'll notice my KitchenAid mixer on the counter.  I got it as a wedding gift, and had it - briefly - while living in Idaho.  Then, rightly anticipating I wouldn't have room for it in New York, it was taken to California to live in my parent's garage.  Long story short, after a plane ride and some heartache, my KitchenAid and I have been reunited after six years.  It's like being in love all over again.

The small scale - The American Family Scale - was a street find in Brooklyn.  It has been used in the past to hold plants, but now it gives me the correct weight of my bananas.

Truth be told, I don't use many of these cookbooks.  The ones I generally use are to the left of the microwave and include the classic Betty Crocker, two ward cookbooks, a family cookbook, and binder full of hand-scrawled recipes on scrap paper.  But I keep these around for casual browsing, and sometimes I read Emily Dickinson poems to Edie while she eats.  The book is organized by season.  Edie seems to prefer the spring and summer poems.  As do I.

One of the first things I noticed when we moved in was the butler's pantry.  I don't even think the guy showing us the apartment said those words, I just walked in and knew, instinctively, what it was.

I've mentioned that I gave up sugar for the month of April, which explains how there is still Easter candy left. The canister I got at Fish's Edy, my favorite store, and I keep Trader Joe's cereal bars in it.  Of course.

Here's why I like this kitchen: it's sunny and bright, even in the winter; it has a dishwasher; there is more than one drawer; and, it has a dishwasher.


  1. Things I love about your kitchen: The clock, the mini shopping cart holding a lone apple, the brick wall behind your stove, butler's pantry.
    We've had a tiny kitchen for the past few years (the one we just moved out of was so narrow that you couldn't open the fridge and the stove and/or dishwasher at the same time). But we moved upstairs and there is about a 6" difference in how wide it is and I feel like I could host a freaking Thanksgiving dinner out of there and not break a sweat.

  2. I like everything about your kitchen. Where'd you get retro soup?

  3. Sean ooo'ed and ahh'ed through this whole thing. It is pretty fab. Love the dinosaurs. Love your decorative soup cans and all the space. As Sean said, "look at that! There's space between the canisters!" But he then said, "that's just gluttonous," so take that how you want.

  4. Every time I see your "home tour" pictures I am reminded of the summer we shared a room and you kept trying to keep all my shoes in nice neat little rows but I just kept throwing them in the closet willy nilly. Nothing's changed. You should see my pantry. . .

  5. A big woot woot for the family cook book!

  6. A big woot woot for the family cook book!