Friday, April 12, 2013

I Don't Even Remember What a Thesis Statement Sounds Like

I'm writing my thesis right now, and it's making me very nervous.  I've sort of been "writing my thesis" for a while, but these days, I am, actually, writing my thesis.  No quotation marks.

And I'm nervous because I'm always nervous when I write.  Because I think thoughts and have ideas and I'm desperately afraid that they're all going to fall out of my head before I have a chance to write them down.  Sound crazy?  That weird, because it literally happens all the time.  How many jokes have I just lost because they came to me at night, while lying in bed, and I was too lazy to reach over for my little bedside notebook and write them down?  Possibly millions.

I mean, I do know that while it's possible that I may loose a specific idea here and there, loosing track of the main thrust of my argument is less possible.  It might take more than a good night's sleep to get that out of my head.  More like a falling flower pot or something.  But, just the same, I'll be a lot happier once this is all over.

My preferred method of writing is sitting at home on grey days, in pajamas, and writing for hours on end until I'm finished.  This is less possible these days, so I do most of my writing at the library.  James gets home, we eat dinner, and I walk to the library with my books, my Peeta notebook (I always handwrite my first draft) and my mint lentils (pictured).  The library is quiet, warm, and makes me feel like I'm really doing something.

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  1. It’s been a month. How’s the thesis writing going, Valerie? Well you certainly sounded really nervous about it. Thesis can certainly be an overwhelming thing, but I know you can do the right thing. Anyway, good luck on it, I hope you can pass your thesis defense! :)