Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Think New York Loves Me

I took an uber-quick trip to New York this weekend.  I figured that since I'm going out of town next weekend, I'd give James a dress rehearsal by going out of town this weekend as well.

My goals were simple: (in order) run in Prospect Park*, eat an everything bagel, see my baby-girl Chels go through the New York City temple, pick up licorice all sorts from Sahadi's, see Jurassic Park for Jennifer's birthday**, see our landlord, Jerry, buy a ton of Coco Roco to take home, eat Song thai food, and just gab, gab, gab.

You guys, it looked dicey for a bit, but, amazingly, I got to do everything I wanted to do.  I saw a ton of friends, the weather was perfect - it was like the whole weekend was orchestrated especially for me.  If it was, thanks, New York.  I can't wait to come back.

*Shiloh, I ran the lamp post trail.  I sprinted the hills for you.

**Ahhhhhh-mazing.  The movie totally holds up.  Like, better than you think it could.  And seeing it with this group of people was the tops.  I won the pre-movie Jurassic Park trivia (for which I won a sweet prize), there was general approval at the first encounter with the dinosaurs  and a spontaneous volley of laughter with the appearance of Dr. Malcom (jeff goldblum), reclining, shirt undone.  The laughter was followed by a lot of catcalls.  Best birthday ever.

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