Friday, April 5, 2013

If You Read Only Two Things This Weekend

it should be these:

This post by my friend Jen about never getting her glasses broken by a bully (in brief).  It's really funny, really powerful, and contains a description of her dressed as a slice of watermelon tackling a candy-stealer.

This article about Mister Rogers.  It's long, and I know the page looks kind of bogus, but it's legit.  It's an article written for Esquire in 1998, and while you may get your email password stolen, it's worth it.

(kidding about the email password).


  1. w-o-w!! I am honored! seriously, I am walking on sunshine (whoaa!) :D

  2. You were correct. Both well worth my time.
    Oh, Mr. Rogers. He's just the greatest.

    (side note, I kept clicking the little arrows and then, BAM--I'm at a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman site. Yikes)

  3. I teared up when the gorilla took off his shoe. i'm not even sure why. thanks for suggesting it.