Monday, April 15, 2013

The Search for the Best Burger in Boston, and We Take it to Madrona Tree

This search for Boston's best burger gives our lives shape and meaning, not to mention the amount of value our work contributes toward the greater good.  And, thus, the search continues.

This was Madrona Tree, in Arlington, which we investigated at the recommendation of Miss B., the children's librarian at our library.

It's small, which I suspected, but was pleasantly empty when, after perusing the war memorial outside, we arrived at 5.  They also had a play area for children, which might make it my favorite place ever.  We ordered the firecracker brussel spouts which were lightly fried and treated like buffalo wings (hot sauce and blue cheese).  Fantastic.  James ordered the special, the Take a Chance burger, where the chef just makes whatever she feels like.  His had crispy onions and blackberry jam, and was the clear standout of the meal.

Everything else was kind of just okay.  They had house-made sodas (we ordered blackberry mint) which were fun, but kind of underwhelming.

You guys, it was fine, good, even, but probably not the best burger in Boston.

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