Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekend in Two Parts: Part I

1. James and Kent are, apparently, what the navy has to offer these days.
2. Old Ironsides is not actually iron.  The Constitution was nicknamed that after getting through a battle with barely a scratch on her.
3. Edie's like, let me steer this ship.

4. The rigging.  I read a book about boats this summer, so, I'm pretty sure I've got it down.
5. Then she wanted to "just see" overboard.  Yeah, like we haven't been down that road before.
6. A ship in the dry dock.  That color blocking is so on-trend.

7. A ridiculously beautiful entryway in the ridiculously beautiful Charlestown.
8. Bunker Hill.
9. L.A. Burdick.  Firstly, I know I look wooden and slightly shocked in this photo.  No explanation.   Second, this is supposedly the best hot chocolate in Boston.  It's good.  Like, dessert truck good.  But, I think we all want different things from hot chocolate.  I want a beverage, not hot pudding dessert.  It was a lot of hot pudding dessert.  Good, but uber-rich.

Not pictured is us walking through the gardens at the Longfellow house at 11:00 pm, hot pudding desserts in hand.  Nor is my pact with Elizabeth to not eat sugar for the month of April (see: hot pudding dessert).


  1. what! no sugar for a whole month?!!!

  2. As we were walking to see the USS Constitution, I had visions of something other than a small sailboat. It was a bit disappointing, to say the least. But once we boarded, we decided it was ok.

    I'm not even commenting on the lack of sugar.