Monday, April 1, 2013

Who Says Hoppy Easter?

After a jam-packed weekend, we had a chilled out Easter Sunday.  Edie got sick at church so we left early and she napped while I finished my cousin Mary's garlicky-citrusy potato salad and swept all our floors*.

Chelsea and company arrived and we had a relaxed, delicious, laugh-filled dinner.  It was nice.  Real nice.

Hey, Elizabeth, the flowers opened.  Huzzah.

*so, I grew up in houses with wall-to-wall carpeting.  i always romanticized hardwood floors.  that's what people in period films have.  but, you know what else they have?  maids.  housekeepers.  just anyone to sweep the floors all the time.  it's a never-ending battle. ugh.


  1. Now those are some lovely pictures. Classy Easter! Well done. Love the peeking baby. (< -- no matter how many times i say it, that sounds like Peking in my mind. which makes it weird)

  2. Do you have a vacuum that will go on bare floors? Cause it will make you so so happy.