Thursday, May 16, 2013


Brimfield is this giant, sprawling, labyrinthine antique fair that goes on three times a year.  We kind of ended up there kind of my accident last fall, and vowed to go again.  Chelsea and I trekked out with Edie, while James stayed behind and ate a handi-snack pudding.

 It's pretty strange, well, less strange more brainwash-y.  Like, you walk in thinking, hey, let's have a fun day, and then, the next moment you're like, someday I'm going to wish I had those Music Man band costumes.  I will hate myself for not buying them.

The bottom two pieces are Chelsea's finds.  She's got a great eye, and has the patience to just look, which I rarely do.  It's why I like to shop with her.

I ended up with a few awesome things myself, but, in reality, I think I spent 50% of my money on snacks.  I got a pilgrim sandwich (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce), ice cream and sweet potato fries for Edie (it was a holiday), and kettle corn for all of us.

It was awesome.  We all came back tired, sticky from the kettle corn, and happy with our day.  But I am kicking myself for not getting those band costumes.


  1. What a fun place! I really like the horse picture.

  2. Dolls made of tin cans? I may never sleep again! The horror! :)

  3. Those uniforms had gold braids, Val! GOLD BRAIDS! And you just left them there.

    I would hang that horse picture over my couch.

  4. will you pick up a few tin can baby dolls for me next time you go? they are totally my jam.

    this reminds me of heaven....