Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Disclosures of Happiness

Full disclosure: I took this photo at 10:30 this morning.  Luckily for me, while Wendy's doesn't serve breakfast, it does open at 10:00.  Thanks goodness.

The Wendy's in the city I grew up in was far away.  I don't even know if it was technically in our city.  And it was in kind of a shady neighborhood.  I think I can safely say that, until college, I had never eaten at a Wendy's.

Then, I went to college, and met Annie, and got the Wendy's education of a lifetime.

Annie would pick Carey and myself up at the Showtime Studios (jazzhands) after Movement for Theatre with Hyrum, then we would stop at Horkley's for 44oz sodas (69 cents!), getting an extra one for Omar to excuse us being late for Reader's Theatre (he liked diet Dr. Pepper with a shot of red cream soda).  Then, after class, we would pile back into Annie's car and head to Wendy's.  This was in the salad days when the Biggie fries and Biggie drink were still on the dollar menu (the good old days, amiright, Annie?).

And then, at the end of the semester, I was like, why my jeans so tight?  

Weight gain aside, I love Wendy's.  Being inside of one reminds me of sitting in a sunny booth on what was, I'm sure, a freezing cold day, and talking talking talking with my best gals.  These were important times; the beginnings of my happiest times.  Because being understood, laughing, and eat JBCs makes me really happy.


  1. Oh man. Truly some of the best times. Simpler times. Times of a faster metabolism.
    What a cool thing to look back and realize that this was the time I was discovering who my people were.
    And still are.

  2. Love it. I feel you. Wendy's brings back such happy memories for me too, and even now, I can't quite get the same happiness dipping fries in a frosty can bring.