Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I have always have a million tabs open on my laptop.  I like to have music playing in the background while Edie and I hang out.  Even when I'm writing my thesis, I sometimes have to take a break to investigate what is really going on with Amanda Bynes (but for real, what is?).  The loss of our ability to single-task has been addressed adddddddd nauseum by everyone (maybe even by Amanda Bynes), so, I won't start down that road.

But, I will say that I love to hang out in my backyard.  Just me and Edie and the bugs.  We might add some cucumbers to our little party, but, one day at a time.

1. James bought this for me upon my return from Ragnar with a note that stated, matter-of-factly, that I was the best runner in the universe.  Despite our non-tropical temperatures, he's doing fine.
2.  Edie helps out.
3.  Basil is in and blooming.  And already been useful in salmon burger saucing.
4. My aloe plant, my one remaining Brooklyn buddy, was looking terrible, so I separated some babies and re-potted them.  I'm anxiously awaiting their flourishing.
5.  This was later in the day, when the sweater wasn't required.  Finally, spring.


  1. your aloe might need a little potassium. Which is best in the form of sea kelp. It helps with resilience, and general health. What else are you planning on growing? Are you sharing the space with the neighbors? I'm so grateful it's warm outside. I've only stopped riding my bike long enough to write this comment.

  2. Your basil is so beautiful, it made me want to weep. I hate stupid Lubbock and it's stupid arid, waterless, dumb desert climate. Our basil plant looks like it's a moldy potato chip plant. And I hate mold AND potato chips.

    Your garden and your baby are gorgeous. Good job growing stuff.

  3. backyard??!!!?!?!?!!! lucky.