Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Living Is Not Enough

So, a few posts back I titled one "happiness disclosures" (or something like that, who even knows), which sounds a lot like I'm admitting to things making me happy.  To which I was like, oh, I never do that.  And then I was like, oh, I never do that.

So, here it goes:

I like this weather.  Yesterday, after listening to the weather report on the radio, James asked me, accusatorily, if, at 90 degrees and muggy, I was happy now.  And I responded that yes, I am happy now.
And it's not really that muggy.  And not even exactly 90.  But it's warm and sunny and when you walk outside the air feels like an extension of your skin.

I like the gift pictured above.  James got it for me for mother's day.  He went to the museum of typography and found my name in antique letter plates (legally).

I like following Chris Hatfield on twitter.  He was on the ISS for a year and a half, and he posted photos and did space experiments and was just awesome in a general way.  Upon returning to earth, he was asked why he live-tweeted his experience, and he said that it was just too amazing not to share.

I like champagne mangoes.  I had one today that might be the best mango I've ever had in my whole life.  Maybe the best mango in the whole world.

I like Edie.  She's really funny these days, and will repeat almost any one syllable word.  She also can tell you what a robot says (beep-bop) and can imitate a gorilla (chest pounding).  Even when she's mad, she's still funny.  She was having a bit of an episode after I took some alphabet cards away--laying face-down on the floor, kicking her feet--really going to town.  I was standing over her, and she looked up, reached over and untied the leather lace on my moccasins, and then put her face back down and resumed fake-crying.

Just living is not enough . . . one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
-Hans Christian Andersen


  1. You know how I feel about Chris Hadfield. He's my astronaut boyfriend. I have to limit the time I spend (re)watching his videos on YouTube.

  2. Oh, Edie. I really like her.
    I bet she was hoping that untied shoelace ruined your whole day.
    Did it?

  3. Your confessions are my favorite. They make me happy.