Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Utah is for Summer

Sometimes, when I go to a place exclusively for vacation (read: fun-time-all-the-time), that place starts to seem like it's always on vacation.  Like I come and go, but it just keeps on being awesome.  North Carolina is like that.  California to some extent, though, obviously, I know better.  And Utah.  I went to college in the state just above it, so I know that Utah has winter.  I've been to Sundance, for pete's sake.  I know.

But, in the last few years, it's been all summer all the time in Utah.  Add that to Salt Lake's wide roads, easy to navigate geography, and relatively low cost Cafe Rio, and you've got a pretty dreamy place.  It's bright and sunny and hot and has Mavericks that are the size of our entire church building.  It's a total dream.

Also, we have amazing friends and family there, many of which we got to see.  Thanks again, those of you who came out for the Comic Frenzy show.  It meant so much to everyone involved.  It was really cool to see that it meant something to other people, too.

The trip back was a total nightmare (see: delayed), but even 20 straight hours of travel can't take away from such a trip.

Utah, keep being summer all the time.  I love you for it.


  1. I'd love to see you next time you come! Maybe by then Evelyn will have caught up Edie a bit and they can be playmates.