Friday, June 21, 2013

What I Made*; A Continuation of my "for baby" Series, or, What to Pack?

For one reason or another, Edie has flown a ton in her short life.  Early on, it was pretty much a breeze, because she just did on the plane what she did in normal life: chill out in someone's arms.  However, as she's gotten older and more independent, it's really started to--how do you say?--blow to travel with her.

But, every time, I convince myself that, with sufficient planning, anything is possible.  Which is not necissarily wrong.  It's not exactly right either, but let's stick with the positives.

What I Pack For Edie's Plane Ride (20 months edition):

1.) Start with a cute backpack.  Get your pal, Tira**, to make it for you, if possible.

2.) Hope your child likes to color, as mine does.  Get a fresh box of crayons and load it into your crayon roll (also made by Tira--get yourself a Tira, already).

3.) Follow up with a coloring book that can double as a storybook and a fresh spiral notebook, which, hopefully your child loves (Edie does--she likes to flip the pages).

4.) A big bag full of pacifiers doesn't hurt either, as some are bound to drop and roll away and otherwise get lost.

5.) You'll want to keep additional snacks in your bag, but a bag of fruit snacks will be exciting and diverting for you child.  Pretzels and dried cranberries are favorites as well, and, like fruit snacks, are tidy and less likely to appear, smeared,  on adult shoulders/knees.

6.) Include a bag full of finger puppets straight from China***.  If your child is like Edie, she won't be super interested in them, but, even a few moments of distraction is a few moments of distraction.

7.) If your flight is anything like ours, you will fly into the past, or "west", and so it will not get dark for the whole of your journey.  If your child is anything like Edie, she will not sleep.  Be aware.  Not pictured: Charlie and Lola dvd on James's computer and lots more snacks (including lollipops which Edie loved but left us all really sticky).  Not packed, but needed: actual books and more snacks.  And a shorter flight.

*This is a total joke.  I cut out the pieces, but Tira did all of the work.  She's rad.
**Tira is, what, Nordic? and is the feminine version of Thor.  Rad, right?
***Did anyone send Edie some gifts from China?  Magnets and finger puppets?  They just appeared, mysteriously.


  1. Great cutting skills, Valerie! That pack is adorbs. I've never flown with children except in utero, so I don't know, but blows is a wonderful verb.

  2. Brilliant post. Holls has flown a lot in her life, too—she's, what? 20 months old-ish, and has been on something like 6 or 7 trips that required plane rides (so triple or quadruple that number for actual flights). We're heading West for a wedding this next week, and we are definitely planning on having some Charlie and Lola and Yo Gabba Gabba handy on some sort of electronic device. I wish five days were long enough to find a female Thor to sew a backpack for me.

  3. I know you made a kid, and that's cool, but TIRA MADE A BACKPACK?!!? Also, nice crayon rollin'. Thank you for respectin' the wax, and your kid's pigtail is a 3!! Mad props all around.