Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Passenger In The Mayflower Shot Confetti Cannons Here

1. "in or about" is my favorite phrase ever seen on a plaque.
2. bean town police need 4th of July manicures, too.
3. a passenger in the Mayflower (!).
4&5. Being patriotic is really hard work.  Babies need sustenance.
6. We listened to the Declaration of Independence read from the State House, where it was read in 1776.  It was long, but very stirring.  Then, at the end, there were confetti cannons.

7. Boston does history right.
8. Though, James and Tyson are really only so-so on navel workings.
9. The USS Constitution sails out on the 4th.  We missed the firing of the cannons, but we did see her majestically return to harbor.  Also totally stirring.
10. Don't give up the ship.

11. Party libation.  Is there anything better than seeing a bucket/cooler full of your favorite things to drink?  I say no.
12&13. Party attendees.  Tyson came from Brooklyn, Chelsea came from Cambridge, James, Edie and I came from inside the house.

14-19. When we arrived at this party we walked right in and directly down the lawn to the lake, where we promptly shed our shoes and waded in.  I didn't talk to many people or eat any snacks, but it was a highly successful party.

Not pictured: Chels, Tyson, and myself on the banks of the Charles river, with about a million people, watching the Boston fireworks.  Also not pictured are the people in dozens and dozens of kayaks bobbing in the water, watching the fireworks.  Also not pictured are Edie's sunburned legs (le sigh).

The 4th is my favorite holiday.  As I see it, there are no drawbacks.  No, it's great except (dot dot dot).  No winter, no heavy obligations.  It's just summer and eating and friends and fireworks.  You tell me what's not to like.  This one was a real contender for best ever.


  1. Looks like an awesome time! Can't wait to be there next 4th and experience some of American History. Wonder if Becca will handle hanging by the Charles River until fireworks??

  2. Well said and similarly considered. Now I just have to convince the Aussie. What is not to like about fireworks and patriotism regardless of the country (although particularly fond of mine, especially when it involves small town festivities).