Friday, July 26, 2013

And Then My Heart Went Ka-Boom

My pal Shiloh asked me if I'd bought Edie her own dictionary yet, or if I was going to pass her mine, like an heirloom.  The answer is, I hope my dictionary gets passed down, but only after it's ripped out of my cold, dead, no-longer-needing-to-look-things-up hands.

I bought this dictionary for myself, from Borders, right after high school.  My dad has a dictionary, it's old and worn and just his, and I guess I just thought everyone should have a good one that's just their own.  And this is a good one.  I mark the words I look up, which is fun to remember first learning to use the word alacrity, but annoying when I realize I've already looked up animus.

I was reading some research the other day and had it out on the table when Edie discovered it after her nap.  She looked through the Ds for a while, then flipped around a bit.  As she turned one of the newsprint pages, it ripped about halfway up.  I made an involuntary face, then pulled it away from her (see: cold dead hands, above).  I taped the page back together, then wrote, next to it in the bottom margin, "Edie, 2013".


  1. Love this. Both adorable and tender.

    Also, you can hold her to this years from now. "Oh yeah? Well YOU ripped my dictionary!! I have proof!" I'm sure that's what you intended.

    Lastly, this.

  2. I like the idea of using a dictionary. I think I will quit googling definitions on my iphone and I will just text you and have you look it up for me.

    I love that you marked the incident "Edie 2013". Its funny, nice to remember that kids will be kids and they will leave a mark, you can be furious about it, or just remember it with a little humor. I think I will "mark the incident" next time. Thanks.