Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Carousel, Ice Cream, Tractor Pull. In That Order.

The real reason we were in New Hampshire was a hot air balloon festival.  There was crazy traffic (from the moment we got on the freeway-ugh), Edie got annoyed, we took a detour (see: Robert Frost), Edie got more annoyed, we got lost, and then, THEN we found it.

It was a hot air balloon festival (slash) town carnival and it was pretty great, as town carnivals go.  Better than average street fair food, including ice cream in handmade waffle cones (see above).

The highlight of the night was Edie riding the carousel, which she loved.  She tends to be a little cautious, which I appreciate, and I wondered if she'd like it.  She was quiet and a little grave, in her baby way, but seemed rapt by the lights and the music and the world spinning around her.  I kept my hand on her back, and she gripped the horse tightly with her little baby legs, but her eyes were wide open the whole time, taking it in.

Then, after we watched the balloons, we were walking back to our car when we heard the sounds of the tractor pull still going on (it was supposed to wrap up before the balloon lift off).  We walked over to watch for a minute, and . . . that's when things got weird.

Half an hour later, we swore this next one is the last one we'd watch, then we had to get back to the car.

Have you ever seen one?  I hadn't.  It's a scene, and totally engrossing.  Shiloh, ask Andy if he'd be interested in souping up a lawn-mower for James to compete with.  Or, they could be a team (but Andy would still have to do all the mechanical stuff, obviously).  Team names are negotiable.

See you around, New Hampshire.


  1. I think you know the answer to your question. It's a given.