Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seattle Was a Long Time Ago, Shiloh

Shiloh, this is the rest of that skirt.  I found it at the Salvation Army, during what might be my most successful thrift store shopping trip ever.

Thrift store shopping, ugh, it's hard.  I get all jazzed about it and then I walk in and I'm like, ugh, this is gross.  But, it's near-ish James's work, and I dropped him off last Monday, and it was a dreary day anyway so I was like, why not.

I both wish you were there and am glad we didn't have to have a moment about who saw that sweater with the sheep yoke first.  I don't need another Seattle situation hanging over my head for the next ten years.  But mostly I wish you were there.  You probably would have talked me into buying that Indian blanket to keep the car for picnics, which I foolishly talked myself out of.  And you would have given this skirt a thumbs up.  Perfect fit (med, petite), elastic waist, 80s styling.

Pair that with James's new shoes, and he and I were feeling preeetty pleased with ourselves Sunday morning.  My only real complaint is that we walked into church, and, try as I might, I couldn't find you guys to sit next to.  So we sat by ourselves and I ate the hershey chocolate I'd put in my purse for just such use.

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  1. 1) first thing I noticed, even before the skirt, is your hair. It looks quite long. Is it? If you straightened it, where would it hit you on your back? Or if you were a mermaid, and opted not to wear shells one day, would it matter?
    2)two thumbs up, I'd give it more, but I only have two thumbs
    3)you passed on the Indian blanket? why? how? who? what? when? sad face. they really do make great picnic blankets, and we always keep one in the car and jeep for just such impromptu picnicking adventures.
    4)I saw it first....*wink
    5)if you had found us in church, we would have been able to supplement your chocolate bar with fruit snacks (loads of them, the good kind) and a bag of really cold red grapes. but I suspect if we were in Boston, I would be dying from heat and humidity so there might be some otter pops in my purse as well.
    6) come visit, you and James and E. we have a spare bed in a spare room. a first. but if you miss the sleepover effect, we can all just pile into my comfy master bed, I'm sure Andy won't mind. we can sleep willy wonka style.
    7) I want to come visit you. when is Boston neither terribly hot nor terribly cold? Or better yet, lets all go to Hawaii in 2 years. my 10 year anniversary, your 11 year, and Annie's 12. Lets do it.